Order from us for 100% safety and discretion

If you order from us then you will 100% not get into any sort of trouble while ordering a Loli doll.

I know a lot of people wonder how some people got arrested purchasing a Loli doll, but there is nothing to be afraid when you do business with us.

I want to make very clear to everybody that it's only possible to get arrested if you choose to claim the package. You claim it by responding to a letter from customs after your package has been detained or by calling them, giving them the tracking number and claiming the package is yours.

Now, you might wonder who would do such a thing? Well, I am going to go ahead and say that often it's not the customers fault at all. I always recommend customers to add fake boobs, have the head shipped separately, even if the doll is still legal in the state you currently live in. I know some vendors also recommend and do this, but most don't, even though it's mandatory.

Why? Because the doll can be imported into a state where it's illegal such as Florida, Kentucky or Tennessee.

If the package is detained by local customs from TN then they will hold your package.

In this case the shipping agent is informed. In most cases the shipping agent is Chinese especially if you ordered from Aliexpress or some Chinese website.

Chinese vendors do make mistakes and are not as aware of the local laws as you might think, so they might give the customer some very stupid advice: Contact TN customs, tell them you ordered a child-like doll. This is how people get arrested.

Now since I am a middleman, know the laws (the doll is illegal in TN) and have an actual brain, I can just tell the customer NOT to contact customs and consider the package lost. I will ship a new doll instead.

If the customer had been in contact with a Chinese supplier, he would have contacted customs about why they detained his doll because he was told to do so by the Chinese contact person. This would have possibly gotten him into a lot of trouble.

I know a lot of people here are praising Aliexpress for their cheap prices, but nobody mentions that 90% of the people that got arrested for purchasing a loli doll actually purchased their doll from Aliexpress or Alibaba. This is a fact, look it up.
ATF has been flooded lately by Chinese vendors either trying to scam or just trying to make money and so they will say things such as that they can easily import a Loli doll into the UK.

The UK has a law that says they can give people a lot of trouble if an item is considered "obscene". So do not order loli dolls if you are in the UK because you will get arrested, period.

Australia has a height restriction when it comes to sex dolls. Do not order a sex doll below 140 cm in height or you will either get arrested or your doll will be destroyed.

Canada has made the dolls illegal, but if you ship the doll with fake, realistic boobs and the head shipped separately, or if you order a doll with B cup then you should be okay especially as long as you do not claim the package if it is detained by customs.

In Europe there are laws coming now as well. It will be illegal soon in Netherlands and Germany already made it illegal.

I hope this makes everything clear to people and I also hope it makes you realize that it's not a bad idea at all to do business with a middleman who will make sure you don't get in trouble with the law. I know some might think I am attempting to give Chinese vendors a bad name, but these are all facts and I'm trying to warn people. If a vendor does not offer fake boob / ship head separately option and/or ship from local warehouse option + knowledge of the local laws, then do not conduct business with them if you value your freedom.

In other words. Simply buy from us (Doll Orphanage) instead of a Chinese vendor or website (who know nothing about local laws) and then you don't have to worry about getting into trouble with the law.

We guarantee absolute safety and discretion.

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