I’m back

Many people who used to buy from me might be wondering why I vanished. I had the Doll Orphanage section on ATF made hidden, I deleted my account (SuperHotDolls) and all my old posts on ATF were also deleted. My old domains were also deleted.

Why? Because I didn't make sales for 3 months straight. I can deal with negativity such as feminists writing close-minded articles about me and of course there will always be hate mail from people who don't understand why I do this, but when I stopped making money, all that negativity just seemed like too much because I wasn't getting anything in return. There has to be a balance. If there is more negativity than positivity then it's time to leave.

However, after I deleted everything I felt regret. I felt like I might still make some occasional sales sometimes and some people might still need my help. Maybe not like before, but these dolls are therapeutic to some, they prevent child abuse in some cases and they are like art, beautiful to look at especially if you are into Loli. Why throw that away? So yes I'm back. I'll admit that I struggled a lot especially financially, but I fought for months and was able to create another business selling custom-made dolls to people in a different kind of niche. I'm doing ok now :).

Obviously roshi paradise is also back online, but with a different url (https://roshi-paradise.com). All data is still in tact, nothing was deleted. Thank god I had back-ups ^^. 

Honestly think the new name and url of the new webshop is much better than the old one anyway. So a fresh start and hopefully I'll be back on track with the old shop soon.  I already managed to get some sales and I now have a section on ATF again called Loli Paradise, so I'm slowly recovering and I'm here to stay. 

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