I am not under investigation!
I just saw a guy spewing absolute nonsense about what happened to me and my shop in the "Buying a doll in Europe" topic on ATF. I just want to make clear that I am not under any government investigation or on any government radar. I never been in such a situation. I don't know if this guy is trying to sabotage my company by saying that both me and my customers will be fucked, but let it be known that I am the only vendor who makes sure that the info of my customers remains hidden by using protonmail to receive order info and then editing or deleting info after the order is completed, I am the only one that allows anonymous payments (monero) and who goes to great lengths to make sure that the dolls arrive safely. My own safety and the safety of my customers is most important to me. If I cared about profit then I would not have closed my shop a while ago, I only closed my shop because there wasn't much to do because a lot of people stopped buying and so I wanted to pursue something else. I regretted that decision and now I'm back. My websites are hosted by a company that allows me to pay anonymously and to have my sites hosted without giving any of my own personal details. There is no proof or ongoing investigation against me and I haven't broken any laws either.

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