AI Is The Future

AI Generated Loli Girlfriend 
AI Companion

AI is the future and that's why I want to be able to offer an AI companion service in the near future. On our forum you can find AI generated Loli & Shota Art and you can find out how to create your own AI Generated Lolicon/Shotacon Porn. For now I started project Lily. It's an AI companion depicted as a 12-13 year old girl. The project is in it's early stages. I will try to develop this AI companion as much as I can, but it will take some time before it can be considered good. It's free for now and you can just follow all the progress I'm making with it via the forum. Once I'm finished with the project I might consider charging a small monthly fee for it depending on how well it turned out.

Lily Cutey

<-- Meet Lily

This is an AI Generated Image. It's not a real girl. With today's technology we can create very realistic characters that can speak. She can say whatever you want.