Catdoll Sex Doll

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Brand: Catdoll

Please note that we are not an official Catdoll reseller. We buy our Catdolls via an authorized middleman.

Because we are not an official reseller, we can't list specific catdolls on this site. It might leads to complaints from the official factory. However, you can browse the Catdoll Gallery and tell us which Catdoll you want to order and which options you prefer.


Catdoll 123 cm Sasha TPE
EVO Skeleton.
Product code is CD-054
Jointed fingers : YES +100 USD
With Super Make UP : YES +100 USD
With openings : YES
Skin Tone : NATURAL
Eyes color : BLUE
Wig Type : #12 ( same like on picture)
Vagina type : FIXED VAGINA
Skeleton choise : #2 NORMAL SKELETON FOR SEX
Shipping : UPS Special line to EU

Total price: $1400

You can insert this kind of information into the text field while ordering. We will then know which Catdoll you want and which options you prefer.

We can then send you an invoice. Reasons for wanting to buy a Catdoll from us instead of from the official website is better and faster communication, safety precautions (fake boobs, head shipped separately), lower price and because we always check the current laws in your country or state before shipping.

This way you can be ensured that you get the best price and that your Catdoll will be delivered safely.

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