Ellie From The Last Of Us 2 (New, improved)

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Brand: Doll Orphanage

Since we received a lot of complaints about our sex doll version of Sarah/Ellie (from The Last Of Us), we decided to make a new, improved version that actually looks exactly like Ellie from The Last Of Us 2.

This time the similarity is really very high, we even included the tattoo (yes this doll has the actual same tattoo!).

She is available for sale for around $2700 dollars (this includes shipping). For a limited time you can buy her for $2500. This doll is full silicone, very high quality and very detailed. She has articulated hands. Her height is 168 cm.

You can view the video on Roshi Parsdise: https://roshiparadise.com/index.php?threads/ellie-...

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