Regular doll converted into sex doll

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She can assume many positions and has vagina sex function.
It's legal anywhere because we can just ship the doll (the hole will be sealed) and we ship the insertable vagina separately.
It's shipped within the US (and made in the US) so you don't have to deal with customs at all if you live inside the US. Can also be picked up in Mississippi.

We can also convert any regular doll you want us to add sexual function to (as long as it's big enough to drill a hole in). Please note that the doll in the pictures is a 300-400 dollar mannequin, which really increases the price. We can also import a 40 dollar doll from China and knock off 300 dollars off the price.

So the price of the doll in the pictures is 699 and this includes shipping and taxes.

If you like to see a video of the product then please go here: https://roshiparadise.com/index.php?threads/regula....


78,74 cm tall

Legs 40,64cm in lengh

Arms 26,7 cm in length

Weight is 2,1 kg.

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