Silicone pregnant loli doll with detachable arms and legs

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So it's took quite a few months, but the pregnant loli doll with detachable limbs is now available for sale.
She turned out beautifully.

Height is 135 cm and it's full silicone.

I guess the depicted age is like 14-16 since her boobs already show some development (puberty) and she has a young face.

However, as you can see we can ship the head with the detachable limbs and we can ship the torso alone. That makes the doll hard to identify as under age since we can label the head, arms and legs as mannequin parts and the torso can be labeled as adult torso with A cup breasts.

Chest circumference: 69cm, Waist: 76cm, Hip circumference: 81cm, Leg circumference: 45cm, Shoulder width: 32cm, Body: 117cm, Arm length: 36cm, Leg length: 56cm, Body weight: 27kg

Body weight with head: 30kg

Packaging with head: 36kg

Box size: 125 x 36 x 26cm

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